Net 55% ambitious and realistic / On other parts the European Parliament will demand changes

After the decision of the environment Council on the climate law in the European Union, the environmental spokesperson of the largest political group in the European Parliament (EPP, Christian Democrats) Dr Peter Liese said: "Thanks to the German Presidency, especially of Chancellor Angela Merkel, a decision on the climate law including the 2030 target has been made today. Consequently, the EU can also report this ambitious target to the UN Secretariat. It is the most ambitious target that any major economy has presented so far. I hope that we will reach an agreement in the trialogue between Parliament, Council and Commission as soon as possible. In my view, the Council's target of net 55% is very ambitious and more realistic, than the 60% target adopted by a very narrow majority of the European Parliament. I hope that in this aspect the decision of the environmental Council will be adopted in the end. However, in many other areas, the Parliament has presented better proposals and the Council will still have to move in the upcoming trilogue negotiations under the Portuguese Presidency".