Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides announces that an application for a marketing authorisation is already expected from the fourth vaccine manufacturer in the EU in February / Only one vaccine dose needed

"There is another sign of hope in the fight against the coronavirus. EU Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides announced during our group meeting this morning that the vaccine manufacturer Johnson&Johnson is likely to submit an application for approval to the EU for their vaccine in February," said the health spokesperson of the largest political group in the European Parliament (EPP, Christian Democrats) Dr med Peter Liese. The Johnson&Johnson company produces in the Netherlands. "If all goes well, we will already have the fourth Corona vaccine available in a few weeks. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine has the advantage that only one vaccination is needed to be sufficiently protected. Additionally, it is much easier to process, store and transport compared to the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine. The EU has secured 400 million doses. With this, the vaccine supply will be even faster than we expected. We will possibly be able to offer vaccination to very many people as early as the first half of the year”, concludes the doctor and MEP.