EPP in favour of list proposed by European Commission / Adoption of objection would have punished innovative industry

The Environmental Committee (ENVI) of the European Parliament today rejected an objection tabled by the Greens against the so called carbon leakage list proposed by the European Commission some weeks ago. EPP members of ENVI support the list of the Commission, Committee now shares this view.

„We are happy with today's decision of ENVI. Fortunately, the attempt to reject the list proposed by the Commission was not successful“, said Dr. Peter Liese, spokesperson of Christian-democratic EPP group in ENVI, and Norbert Lins, the responsible EPP-MEP for the file.     
"A rejection of the proposed carbon leakage list or only a further insecurity would have penalised those who invested in modern technology. This would have a negative impact on the European Emission Trading Scheme", said Liese right after the votes. 


"If the list would have been rejected, we would have sent a completely wrong signal to the companies who invest in CO-reducing technology. We must strengthen our environment by innovations. We can establish innovative companies in Europa only if our politics guarantees planning security and consistency. Therefore I really appreciate today's result", Lins added.