We need a strong reaction - Europe and the rest of the world must continue their efforts - Protection of European industry even more important

“The decision of US-President Trump to step back from the Paris Agreement is regrettable but I am sure the Paris Agreement and the worldwide efforts to fight climate change will survive Donald Trump. Europe and the rest of the world need to give a strong reaction. We need to fulfil our commitments and continue the international process on climate mitigation. But on the other it´s now even more important to protect European industry when it´s producing according to the best possible standard” says MEP Peter Liese, spokesperson for environment of the EPP group in the European Parliament. Liese outlined its positions as follows: “The decision of Trump cannot be legally binding before 2020.


Who knows if President Trump is still in office at that time? Many parts of the United States, for example California will anyhow continue to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The European Union and all the other partner of the agreement committed to continue whatever Trump decides with their commitments and with the international process.” On the other hand Liese stressed out, that it is now even more important to support European industry. “Energy-intensive industries like steel, cement, chemical or paper are in international competition and even if they produce according to the best available technology they cannot completely avoid CO2 emission. That’s why my political group always insisted that enterprises that produce according to the best technology should not be burdened by the EU ETS. This is now even more important and I hope that the Council adopts the amendments that the European Parliament already adopted with a huge majority. We have to consider further action like a border tax adjustment if the measures are not enough. If US companies have a benefit because they have no more climate obligation this measure should not be excluded”, Liese concluded.