We need a mission to fight cancer     

The European Commission wants to direct research funding in Europe more towards the needs of society in the future. To this end, there should not only be technical headings for the respective research areas, but also so-called missions, i.e. social objectives that can be achieved with European research funding. When presenting the programme, Research Commissioner Moedas mentioned, among other things, the fight against cancer and the fight for plastic-free oceans. "I expressly welcome the idea of the European Commission", said Peter Liese, spokesman of the biggest parliamentarian Group (EPP Christian Democrats) for Environment, Health and Food Safety. "We must bring research policy closer to the people and the definition of such missions can help at that. The examples Moedas gave are just the right ones. For my group, the fight against cancer in particular is a top priority. We recently adopted a paper in which we commit ourselves to do everything in our power to ensure that no one will die of cancer in 20 years' time. European research funding is essential for this. Only if the best brains work together we can defeat this terrible disease. In certain areas, for example in the fight against cancer in children, it is not possible to achieve this goal through national efforts alone," said the doctor and Member of the European Parliament.
Christian Ehler, lead draftsmen for Horizon Europe added: "Defining missions, including fight cancer, is a clear step forward for Europe and its citizens. However, a bigger budget is essential if we want our missions to have a clear societal and economic impact. The small increase proposed by the EC is once again a sign that we are not yet there. This is why the EP will propose at least €120 billion for the new programme”.