Peter Liese: sustainable solution for forests in the European Union and worldwide / Initiative Report of ENVI committee and debate in Plenary September in Strasbourg

“The devastating situation of the forests inside the European Union and worldwide will be a priority of the European Parliament in the next months”, said Peter Liese, environment spokesman of the biggest group in the European Parliament (EPP, Christian Democrats). The coordinators of the ENVI committee decided to not only do a hearing on deforestation worldwide but also to ask for legislative  initiative report “We need concrete sustainable action and not only actionism. For the EPP Group it is also important to protect the forests inside the European Union. We have a major crisis in the forests in central Europe. Experts warn that in big areas fifty percent of the forests will be destroyed by drought and by the bork beetle. All actors at European, national and local level need to work together to protect our forest and to immediately support forestation. Our forests, not only in other parts of the world but also in Europe are important to protect the climate but at the same time they are a major economic factor. Sustainable forest management is indispensable from an environmental and economic point of view", said Liese.