Liese in favour of new plan, based on latest scientific and technical knowledge

"The European Parliament wants the European Commission to come up with a new plan how to protect bees better. We cannot allow that the bees become victims of the incapacity of member states to agree on better rules", said Peter Liese, the EPP Group Spokesperson on Environment.
The European Parliament today objected to new rules to asses bee-harming pesticides in the EU. The MEPS legally oblige European Commission to come up with a new plan.
"We demand from the Member States to do their job. We want a real plan, protecting European bees, which are important for both environment and agriculture, and we want the Member States to support us in this. The current proposal is not good enough. It does not protect bees enough. The European Commission must propose a new plan, based on the latest scientific and technical knowledge", Liese said.