Important step towards CO2 reduction - good for the climate, wallet and jobs - 46 million tonnes of CO2 savings

On Thursday (5 December) the European Commission will publish new energy efficiency requirements for 10 different products in the Official Journal. The measures adopted under the Ecodesign-Directive are designed to save energy and thus protect the climate. There will be new requirements for refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, electronic displays (including televisions), light sources and separate control gear, external power supplies, electric motors, direct sales refrigerators (e.g. supermarket refrigerators, cold drink vending machines), transformers and welding equipment. This will save 46 million tonnes of C02. This corresponds to Denmark's annual energy consumption or the CO2 emissions of about 27 million cars.

For refrigerators, washing machines and dishwashers, existing standards are adapted to technical developments, i.e. formulated more strictly. In addition, measures for repair and recyclability are included. In future, for example it will be mandatory that LED light sources are no longer fixed to the luminaire, but must be replaceable.  Dishwashers and washing machines also have to comply with water consumption requirements. "The measures under the Ecodesign-Directive are good examples of how climate protection actually works. In addition to reducing CO2 emissions, consumers also benefit. According to the Commission, an average household will save an average of 150 euros a year only the newly adopted measures because the electricity and water bills will be lower. In my view, it is very important that the requirements apply not only to European manufacturers, but also to imports. Everyone who wants to sell something in Europe must comply with these standards", said MEP Peter Liese, EPP environment spokesperson.