Commission works on emissions trading for transport and buildings despite Green and Socialist opposition

"The Green Deal, if properly implemented, can provide additional jobs and growth to Europe," MEP Peter Liese, EPP spokesperson for environment. "We are currently spending around one billion euros a day on imports of oil, gas and coal. If we invest this money in efficiency and new technologies within the European Union, it will benefit all of us and of course help the climate. Ursula von der Leyen has found the right framework to combine ambitious climate protection goals with jobs and growth. Also in March, just like the presentation of the climate protection law, an industrial strategy will be presented, which will describe in more detail how we will enable our energy-intensive industry to produce climate neutrally.”

Liese particularly welcomed the fact that the European Commission is working to include other sectors such as building and transport in the EU emissions trading scheme (ETS). “The Greens and Social Democrats have, however, joined with the far Right in fighting a European system in this area in the European Parliament. I am glad that Ursula von der Leyen did not allow herself to be put off by this. The Green Deal does not contain the ban on the internal combustion engine demanded by the Greens and Social Democrats; it relies on market-based methods”, Liese says. He stressed that the Commission has also found the right balance with regard to the climate target. "We should definitely raise our climate target in order to prevent a dangerous change in the global climate. An increase to 55%, however, would require much effort for the economy and for each and every one of us. This is only justified if other major emitters make similar efforts. At the climate conference in Madrid, I have the impression that this is no longer just an issue in Europe. China, India, South Africa, Mexico and Canada are considering steps in this direction. If a new President would be elected in the USA next year, we can really achieve the Paris climate target," concluded Liese.