Calls for Corona-App: Never say never!

"In the Corona crisis we face a dramatic dilemma. Many people are suffering from the restrictions, and for the economy the restrictions, which now remain in force for quite some time are already a bitter blow. Unfortunately, however, I am convinced that it is not possible to reopen a significant number of institutions such as schools, universities and shops as normal without lamenting hundreds of thousands of deaths in Europe, including in countries that have not yet been so badly affected.  A close look at Italy and even more so at Spain should be a warning example to all those who believe that the danger posed by the coronavirus is currently overestimated. The situation in Spain in particular is dramatic, although nobody expected this 3-4 weeks ago", said MEP Peter Liese explains.

EPP spokesperson for health called therefore for a smart strategy:
"Firstly, in those areas where work is now allowed and will continue, even more attention must be paid to distance and protection. This includes, for example, that workers have a right to sufficient distance not only at the actual workplace but also in recreations facilities and changing rooms. Secondly, if at all, we can only reopen certain shops gradually and gradually, if clear rules on distance and hygiene are strictly applied everywhere. Thirdly, only if at least 60% of the population use an app which warns them immediately if they came into contact with a patient who has been tested corona-positive, is it possible for public life to be partially normalised. This does not mean that the app can be required, but I am firmly convinced that there are only three alternatives; 1. Hundreds of thousands of deaths, also in Europe; 2. A complete economic collapse or; 3. Using of the app. I hope that people will realize this and use it voluntarily. If not, I also think that an obligation is justifiable. Of course, there are serious concerns, but there were also serious concerns about the closure of schools, about the closure of churches and shops and so on. The Corona crisis taught me one thing above all else: never say never," Liese concluded.

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