Health spokespersons from all political groups in the European Parliament write to the Member States

Peter Liese: For Europe it is about all or nothing

In a joint letter, the coordinators of all political groups in the Health Committee of the European Parliament have addressed the EU Member States in order to invoke European solidarity due to the dramatic situation in some Member States, MEP Peter Liese, spokesperson for health of the biggest group in the European Parliament (EPP - Christian Democrats) explains. The principle of solidarity is a foundational value of the European Union, enshrined in its Treaties. Solidarity means that Member States shall join their forces in case of necessity and help each other.

Member States with sufficient medical capacity will be called upon to support those whose health systems are currently overburdened by the COVID 19 pandemic. The instruments provided by the Commission for this purpose are explicitly praised, and these should now be used and applied by the Member States.

"For Europe, I believe it is now all or nothing. If we are not careful, the virus will also destroy our common European home. It is imperative that we show solidarity with those who have been hit hardest by the crisis. This means, among other things, intensifying the exchange of intensive care patients, medical staff and medical equipment with the worst affected regions across Europe. This is specifically about human lives that can and must be saved. All Member States should fulfil their moral obligations and follow the example of Luxembourg, Austria and Germany, among others, which have already taken over patients from other countries. The crisis hits Member States at different times and those who provide help today will certainly be grateful for help from others tomorrow," Liese concluded

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