European Parliament adopts resolution / Peter Liese: citizens should not suffer from wrong decisions of their government

The European Parliament will adopt a resolution on the common response to the corona virus crisis on Friday. Even though only few MEPs are in the plenary in Brussels, all of them can vote by remote systems from their home office. The draft resolution is supported by the four pro-European groups (EPP, S&D, Renew and Greens). One of the main elements of the resolution is that MEPs ask for solidarity to help the patients. When the health system of one particular member state is overloaded, patients should also be treated abroad. This is already happening with French patients in Luxemburg, Italian patients in Austria, and Italian, French and Dutch patients in Germany.

The health spokesperson of the largest group in the European Parliament (EPP, Christian Democrats) Dr Peter Liese insisted that this solidarity should also be applied to patients from the UK. “People in the UK are maybe suffering the most from the corona virus disease in this week. Almost 800 people are dying every day, while figures of deaths are decreasing in Italy and Spain. The UK has probably not reached the peak of the infection. Unfortunately, the government underestimated the threat and the health care system is comparably weak. The Brexit created additional problems because many health workers have left the UK. But I think, even though the UK left the European Union, we should exercise solidarity to the people. The people should not suffer from the mistakes of the government. We should offer all kind of cooperation, including the transport of patients to EU countries. I am very happy that the four groups accepted my proposal to include this in the resolution. EU member states are already helping by sending ventilation machines to the UK,” says Liese.

The wording of the resolution reads in particular: “expresses its strong solidarity with the UK, our neighbouring country, which is currently very severely hit by the pandemic and offers all measures of cooperation to fight the pandemic and its consequences”. MEPs will vote on the resolution on Friday.

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