Health is priority / 40,000 spectators at Wembley stadium irresponsible

In an open letter, the MEP and health spokesperson of the largest political group in the European Parliament (EPP, Christian Democrats) Dr med Peter Liese, addressed the UEFA President to urgently point out the dangers resulting from the Corona situation and especially the Delta variant with regard to the further course of the Euro2020 football championship.

"The health situation, especially in Great Britain, is very dangerous again. The Delta variant, which is much more dangerous, is spreading fast. Our health is priority. The spread of the delta variant makes it impossible for 40,000 spectators to view the final match in London’s stadium. A stricter hygiene concept is urgently needed. Perhaps a relocation is even unavoidable," said Liese.

In the open letter, the health politician and doctor also comments on indications that the venue of the final match could be moved from London to, for example, Budapest. "The alternative venues should not be chosen by UEFA according to where the most spectators are allowed, but according to which stadium or city has the best hygiene concept and where health protection is best guaranteed. Full stadiums like the one in Budapest, as if Corona no longer existed, are a fatal sign. UEFA should now finally prioritize health over commercialism," Liese requests.