Peter Liese: Climate protection will pay off for companies, but above all for every individual person/ Separate ETS for heating and transport proposed / Social compensation very important / Decarbonisation of industry instead of deindustrialisation of Europe / Support for farmers and forest owners if they remove CO2 from the atmosphere

“If we actually implement this package, climate protection will finally pay off. Companies that invest in climate-friendly technologies, will have better economic opportunities and, in particular, every individual who behaves in a climate-friendly way, will save money", this was the reaction of the environmental policy spokesman of the largest group in the European Parliament (EPP, Christian Democrats) Dr. Peter Liese to the presentation of the Fit for 55 package of the European Commission.

"I very much welcome the European Commission's clear focus on market-based measures. We need incentives instead of command and control only. I am sure that the totality of all citizens will produce better ideas for climate protection than if every detail is prescribed by the state or even the European Union," the MEP stressed.

Liese highlighted a number of positive points in the Commission's proposals: "It is important for the green transformation of the economy that the free allocation of certificates in the existing emissions trading system for energy-intensive industry is maintained for the time being and that additional incentives are created to promote environmentally friendly technologies. Finally, shipping must also make its contribution to climate protection. The regulation that every ship stopping at a port in the EU will be held accountable, instead of the burden being placed only on European shipping companies, is the right way to go. Support for CO2 storage by farmers and forest owners through new business models is also an important step towards achieving the European climate targets in the medium and long term."

Peter Liese particularly welcomed the introduction of emissions trading for heating and transport as an important step on the way to climate neutrality. However, he added that the social component is essential: "I will work to ensure that climate protection is worthwhile for everyone and that we establish fair compensation and fair relief, especially for the socially disadvantaged. A critical point is that process heating is not included in the new emissions trading system. This will continue to create inequalities in the European internal market."